Buying a Utah Dental Practice -- Tip #3

Buying a Utah dental practice can be a wonderful move. Although the transaction is complex (and sometimes daunting), if you do it right, you will find yourself in a strong financial position. And by necessity, if the buyer fails to manage the details, he / she will be on tenuous financial footing. So, here is Tip #3, which can help you minimize your transaction risk and maximize its value...

Buying a Utah Dental Practice -- Tip #2

In my last post about buying a Utah dental practice, I focused on the importance of covenants not to compete. These covenants help ensure that the doctor selling the practice doesn't become your worst competitor. I recommend that you read that post, if you haven't yet. There is a reason I chose that topic for post #1 in the Buying a Utah Dental Practice series. Today's topic focusing on the dental practice real estate is a close second.

Buying A Utah Dental Practice -- Tip #1

Buying a Utah dental practice is a career-defining transaction for most dentists. It's the major leagues for a young dentist advancing through the ranks. It's a big deal. And remember, the deal is always in the details.

Am I Liable for an Employee's Mistake?

As a Utah dental attorney, I hear this question often. It makes sense that dentists (and any employer, for that matter) would worry about the extent of their personal liability in the face of an employee's mistake. After all, a Utah dentist with a number of employees could have significant liability exposure...

Do My Dental Assistants Need a License?

Dental practices are businesses. Like all businesses, you need to minimize your overhead and maximize your revenue to be financially healthy. But what's the best way to do that? That's a tough question. But finding efficiencies is a good place to start. 

Many dentists find efficiencies by using competent, entry-level support staff...